SanjayCherubala i.t. problem solver & trouble-maker

Business Analyst


  • analyze the problem and locate the core issues.
  • research alternatives and propose the solution that best meets business needs.
  • develop a realistic implementation plan and execute it.



Sanjay Cherubala: Business Analyst & MusicianSanjay Cherubala is trained in South Indian classical music (carnatic vocal and mridangam percussion) and has worked as an accompanist for dancers in the Bharatanatyam tradition. As a member of the vocal research group Weave, he practices harmonic overtone singing and vocal improvisation with and without words. Sanjay also performs with vocal artists from around the world in Voices, an original, a cappella theater/music production. He pursues his passion for percussion by exploring West African rhythms on the djembe.

Sanjay Cherubala: Business Analyst & Musician